Saturday, April 22, 2017

West Texas Legends & Lores

Anthology combining twenty-six authors writing 44 stories:

      As editor of this anthology, I was given the immense privilege of meeting each author who is a member of the Permian Basin Bookies and learning what makes our writers’ group truly unique. It brings together talented writers from every genre in the spectrum. Each writer has his own unique perspective of West Texas and its widely-ranging landscape, people, and history. The result is a book which offers the reader stories of an immense range, including historical fiction, contemporary, western, true legends, suspense, children’s, Christian, and paranormal.

     This book will offer each reader the chance to explore West Texas through the eyes of the Permian Basin Bookies while also contributing to our favorite charity, the West Texas Recording Library for the Blind. This organization provides a much-needed service to our community.
     Thank you to the Permian Basin Bookies for allowing me to be an integral part of this fascinating glimpse of West Texas.

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