Monday, June 12, 2017


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Last year’s conference proved that RRBC is home to some of the greatest writers, most knowledgeable authors and avid readers from around the world! We are all coming together again, to fellowship (Gather), have fun (Enjoy) and become enlightened! (Learn!).  This year’s theme is:  When you know better, you produce better and in our year of BETTER at RRBC, this quote hits the nail right on the head!  Newbie authors, seasoned authors, and readers of all stages and interests, in one arena…teaching, learning and growing! What an amazing opportunity to be part of an event such as this!
*Get inspired and get to writing
*Market your work to avid readers
*Strengthen your craft of writing
*Network with like-minded individuals
*…and so much more!
This conference and expo will have something grand in store for everyone! We will have sessions on many topics that are of interest to today’s Authors. This will be your time to learn all that you can about the literary playing field, and brush up on things that you thought you knew well.
There will be *Author booths for RRBC members to showcase, promote and sell their books, and Vendor booths for those who wish to showcase and sell their services. No event is ever complete without giveaways, so allow me to mention that our plan for our RAFFLE this year, will be even bigger and better than before, and made fully possible by our SPONSORS! Yes, all this learning, camaraderie and fun, in one place!
Fun…did you just hear me say fun, or did you hear me say FUNNNNNNN?  Well, you don’t want to miss our foray into “book” Scavenger Hunting! Stay tuned for more details on this event!
**NEW** this year:  FREE RIGHT ON THE SPOT’ CRITIQUING SESSIONS!  Bring your manuscript and we’ll let you know what we think, right on the spot! (More specific details to come!)
This event will be held for one full week, beginning October 22nd and running thru October 28th, 2017! If you are an author and have books releasing this year or around this time, this event will be a great venue to debut them!
By now, who hasn’t heard of those amazing sessions presented at our conference last year? If you haven’t, where have you been hiding? You don’t want to miss out on the 2017 sessions and you can register for them by simply clicking HERE! If you are an Author/Vendor, and would like your very own Author and/or Vendor Booth on display during the conference, we invite you to register, as well!
(Author booths are available to members of RRBC only! If you’d like to JOIN US, we welcome you!)
***This event is open to the general public!***


Monday, June 5, 2017


THE MASTER AND THE MAID by Laura Libricz is an exciting glimpse into the German world in the seventeenth century. It is mostly told through the eyes of a commoner, Katarina. As a fellow historical fiction writer, I was often impressed by the author’s research and her knowledge about Germany. The bibliography is an example of the precise research she conducted, both in English and German literature. As I read the book, I often thought that the book read as if the story was being told by someone who lived in Germany. It wasn’t until I read her biography that I realized that the author does live in Germany and speaks the language. Her descriptions of medieval European life and the German countryside are impressive, as is her character development.

I couldn’t help but wish that she would make Katarina wake up sooner and do something to elevate her standing in life. I admit that I also wished that she’d spend more time on the romance between Katrina and Herr Tucker. I loved hating Ralf, the antagonist, who behaves more out of greed than he does ignorance.

The author does a beautiful job of describing the war between the Catholics and the Protestants in medieval times, as well as the practice of witch hunting. Katarina is accused of being a witch because she practices the use of herbs as medicine. The differences between the landed gentry and commoners was also well described.

I am looking forward to the author’s second book in the trilogy. I truly admire the author’s ability to write well-researched historical fiction.