About Joyce

In the 1950's, Joyce Shaughnessy, lived in in Texon, Texas, which became the "Healing Place" for the central characters in her first novel, the Millers.  Today, she lives in Midland, TX with her husband of 21 years, Dennis.  Together, they have two daughters and four granddaughters.

Inspired by her husbands collection of WWII books, Shaughnessy weaves fiction into history with her "The Pearl of the Orient" trilogy where she portrays a cast of characters who struggle and triumph through the common threads of love and spiritual uplift that are woven throughout these stories. In this way, Shaughnessy's books become a metaphor for life, instilling in its readers inspiration, hope and ultimately, strength of faith.

With her degree in English literature from Southwest Texas State University, Shaughnessy has always felt a deep connection to the written word. Her work as a legal assistant also played an important role in her development as an author fostering her love of research.

By writing historical fiction, Shaughnessy can indulge in both writing and research.  She is a member of the writer's club, Writing Well, that meets regularly in Odessa, TX.

Joyce is also involved with a Round Robin Novel Group who is writing a fantasy book about Norse Mythology.  She's also written three short stories which will be included in an Anthology published by the same group.

Joyce has recently become associated with P&P Publishing.  She's involved in another Round Robin YA Novel about Time Travel and an anthology about Writing With Pain.  Joyce's short story will discuss how she weighs her time and career while suffering from Fibromyalgia.


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