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(Trailer for A Healing Place)

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It was an honor to be interviewed today, Saturday, August 5, 2017 on Rave Waves Radio. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Amie O'Brien and John Howell. Thank you again!
A recording is at:


Monday, July 10, 2017



Am I the only one who is appalled by the proposed provision to the health care law now in the Senate? Are you appalled?

Why is this provision even in the law? It belongs in the TAX CODE. The 30% TAX CUT FOR THE TOP 1% OF THE WEALTHY is the reason that there are so many cuts to the rest of the health bill.
Don’t let your Senator or Representative tell you on the illusion that Medicaid programs which provide relief for our poorest citizens and which provides desperately needed medical research grants, after-school programs in poor and high-risk areas, etc., help for elderly in nursing homes, etc., is the reason that the cuts have to be made. The reason is to pay for the 30% tax cut for the wealthy can be tacked onto the end of this bill.

Many senators argue that Medicaid serves only 5% of our population and don’t say anything about the fact that this tax cut is benefitting less than 1% of our population.

This proposed law is a disgrace in many ways, but this is the worst.


I am sickened. This tacked-on bit of legislation belongs in the Tax Code, not in a Health Code Bill. Think of the people it serves— the ones who least need it—at the detriment of those who need assistance the most. Think of the elderly thrown out of nursing homes, the medical research on diseases such as cancer, the single mothers who will no longer have access to after-school facilities, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

Call your state Senator and tell him that you won’t allow it! 

Monday, June 12, 2017


2017 WC&BE (2).png


Last year’s conference proved that RRBC is home to some of the greatest writers, most knowledgeable authors and avid readers from around the world! We are all coming together again, to fellowship (Gather), have fun (Enjoy) and become enlightened! (Learn!).  This year’s theme is:  When you know better, you produce better and in our year of BETTER at RRBC, this quote hits the nail right on the head!  Newbie authors, seasoned authors, and readers of all stages and interests, in one arena…teaching, learning and growing! What an amazing opportunity to be part of an event such as this!
*Get inspired and get to writing
*Market your work to avid readers
*Strengthen your craft of writing
*Network with like-minded individuals
*…and so much more!
This conference and expo will have something grand in store for everyone! We will have sessions on many topics that are of interest to today’s Authors. This will be your time to learn all that you can about the literary playing field, and brush up on things that you thought you knew well.
There will be *Author booths for RRBC members to showcase, promote and sell their books, and Vendor booths for those who wish to showcase and sell their services. No event is ever complete without giveaways, so allow me to mention that our plan for our RAFFLE this year, will be even bigger and better than before, and made fully possible by our SPONSORS! Yes, all this learning, camaraderie and fun, in one place!
Fun…did you just hear me say fun, or did you hear me say FUNNNNNNN?  Well, you don’t want to miss our foray into “book” Scavenger Hunting! Stay tuned for more details on this event!
**NEW** this year:  FREE RIGHT ON THE SPOT’ CRITIQUING SESSIONS!  Bring your manuscript and we’ll let you know what we think, right on the spot! (More specific details to come!)
This event will be held for one full week, beginning October 22nd and running thru October 28th, 2017! If you are an author and have books releasing this year or around this time, this event will be a great venue to debut them!
By now, who hasn’t heard of those amazing sessions presented at our conference last year? If you haven’t, where have you been hiding? You don’t want to miss out on the 2017 sessions and you can register for them by simply clicking HERE! If you are an Author/Vendor, and would like your very own Author and/or Vendor Booth on display during the conference, we invite you to register, as well!
(Author booths are available to members of RRBC only! If you’d like to JOIN US, we welcome you!)
***This event is open to the general public!***


Monday, June 5, 2017


THE MASTER AND THE MAID by Laura Libricz is an exciting glimpse into the German world in the seventeenth century. It is mostly told through the eyes of a commoner, Katarina. As a fellow historical fiction writer, I was often impressed by the author’s research and her knowledge about Germany. The bibliography is an example of the precise research she conducted, both in English and German literature. As I read the book, I often thought that the book read as if the story was being told by someone who lived in Germany. It wasn’t until I read her biography that I realized that the author does live in Germany and speaks the language. Her descriptions of medieval European life and the German countryside are impressive, as is her character development.

I couldn’t help but wish that she would make Katarina wake up sooner and do something to elevate her standing in life. I admit that I also wished that she’d spend more time on the romance between Katrina and Herr Tucker. I loved hating Ralf, the antagonist, who behaves more out of greed than he does ignorance.

The author does a beautiful job of describing the war between the Catholics and the Protestants in medieval times, as well as the practice of witch hunting. Katarina is accused of being a witch because she practices the use of herbs as medicine. The differences between the landed gentry and commoners was also well described.

I am looking forward to the author’s second book in the trilogy. I truly admire the author’s ability to write well-researched historical fiction.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017



I love attending writer’s conferences and learning new things about the craft I have devoted so much time to in the last few years. I recently attended the Dallas DFW Conference where I met different agents, listened to agent panels and successful writers from all over the United States. I went into talk which was titled “Put Your Readers on an Emotional Roller Coaster.”

Emotions are powerful. They can make people do or not do almost anything at any given moment. I can get so wrapped up in what is happening on the page that I find myself crying out of grief or sadness or my heart pumping because I’m so mad. I couldn’t stop typing if I wanted to. I may have made up this character on the page but she is making me FEEL what is happening to her.

The session was presented by Kelsey Macke, and she was a superb speaker as well as a talented, successful writer. She suggested that we take a piece of paper and think about our Work In Progress. She wanted us to imagine the main Protagonist only. Next we were to imagine putting her on the edge of a cliff. She or he is holding a box. Anything or anyone can be inside the box.

Then we think of five incidents for our protagonist and the box on the edge of a cliff.  Remember what is inside the box. What does she feel about what is inside—hate, love, protection. Any emotion. Anything can be inside the box. Let your imagination take hold.

We have exactly two minutes to write whatever we want to fit. I suggest that you try these exercises. You’ll be surprised what insights you can gain. Of course, she timed us, but you’ll have to set your kitchen timer or microwave—anything that will make you stick to the two minutes.

Don’t overthink the situation. The exercise is to express the emotions that your character is feeling at the time. Will she jump? Be pushed over? Throw the box over? Whatever your intention is in order for your character to feel what is happening to her, Make her FEEL HER CIRCUMSTANCES. Maybe she will react physically or not, but she has to FEEL something while she is doing it. Maybe it is her feelings that make her do what she does. She doesn’t have to do anything with the box or she can. She’s under your control but her emotions are her own.

Have your piece of paper and pencil ready. They are:
1.     1. Someone or something is running hard toward you. It’s going to hit you. What does she feel? How will she react?
2.      2.Your character is facing her most horrific moment with the antagonist. What is it? How does she feel about what is happening?

3.      3.Something is falling from the sky. What is it? What does it have to do with her? How will she feel?
4.      4.Someone is running toward her. Who is it? What does she feel?
5.      5.The box is beginning to open. What is in it? What does she feel? What does she feel?

You want your reader to be every bit as invested in your characters as you are. If you think about all of your favorite books, you realize that each one tore at your heart in different ways. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is one of my favorite books. Every time I read it, I get angry, become saddened, feel protective, and frustrated. Those are just some of the things I feel, but whatever you do, make your readers fall in love with your characters so much that they feel sad when they come to the end of the book. What a ride you gave them!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome to my blog! Please leave a Comment!

Hello, guys! How lucky is it that my blog was chosen for today? 
Each visitor who leaves a comment will be entered to win a paperback copy of my book, THE UNSURRENDERED! Two will be given away!
There is a video and description of book listed below.

You will also be entered to win a grand prize listed on RRBC site!

I mostly post reviews of other authors on my blog. Lately, they are books written by members of RRBC. I feel very privileged to be a member of this group. I have met countless authors!

I am a Certified Copy Editor, and my latest blog is a copy of my editor’s introduction to my latest editing and writing endeavor. It’s a collaborative effort of club members of the Permian Basin Bookies. We are all authors who have joined to share our ideas about publishing and marketing. We are all lucky to live in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Our collection of short stories is called “Legends and Lore of West Texas.” All proceeds will go to our favorite charity, West Texas Readers for the Blind. Our targeted publishing date is July, 2017.

The Permian Basin Bookies is also hosting the second annual Permian Basin Writers Workshop in Midland, Texas from September 15-17, 2017. Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest is one of our thirteen speakers. We hope that anyone interested will check out our website at: #PBWW

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Hello, Rave Review Book Club members!

This blog comes to you from Midland, Texas!

Each person who leaves a comment will enter a contest to receive a signed copy of THE UNSURRENDERED. (2 winners)
You’ll also be eligible to win a grand prize from RRBC.

There are sites where you can buy all of my books (described down on the right) and some videos of each are displayed down the page on the left.

I’d like to take this chance to thank all of the supportive RRBC members I’ve met since I joined. You’ve been great!

I’ve been busy writing and have three finished manuscripts on my desk. I’m looking for an agent(s) but still thinking about self-publishing.

My favorite one is SCARED SILENT about a woman who murders her abusive husband. She runs but is chased by her ex-father-in-law, Sheriff Raines, who is trying to murder her. She finally surrenders and a trial is held in the small Texas town where her husband’s family rule. What does fate have in store for her?
I also have a Young Adult Historical Fiction, GLORY LOST, about a sixteen year-old girl whose parents are killed by Confederate Bushwackers. She dresses like a man and runs to join the Union Army. As she fights in Sherman’s Army, she’s faced with devastation on both sides, finds love, and decides to lay down her gun. Will Jonathan go home to her farm with her? Only time will tell.
THE BULLY’S LAST CHANCE tells the story of a thirteen-year-boy who moves to a new town with his mother when his father is deployed to Afghanistan. Freddie’s a skinny, smart, and funny kid who immediately falls in love with Emma. He’s bullied by Will who threatens Freddie because he assumes he’s weaker. Taught by his father how to fight at a young age but told that violence should only be used as a last resort, Freddie doesn’t use his skills to teach Will a lesson until he’s forced. What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

West Texas Legends & Lores

Exciting anthology due for release in mid-July!

West Texas Legends & Lores

Anthology combining twenty-six authors writing 44 stories:

      As editor of this anthology, I was given the immense privilege of meeting each author who is a member of the Permian Basin Bookies and learning what makes our writers’ group truly unique. It brings together talented writers from every genre in the spectrum. Each writer has his own unique perspective of West Texas and its widely-ranging landscape, people, and history. The result is a book which offers the reader stories of an immense range, including historical fiction, contemporary, western, true legends, suspense, children’s, Christian, and paranormal.

     This book will offer each reader the chance to explore West Texas through the eyes of the Permian Basin Bookies while also contributing to our favorite charity, the West Texas Recording Library for the Blind. This organization provides a much-needed service to our community.
     Thank you to the Permian Basin Bookies for allowing me to be an integral part of this fascinating glimpse of West Texas.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Product Detailse-Murderer - GREAT MURDER MYSTERY!

This murder mystery written by award-winning Joan C. Curtis is really good. It's fast pacing kept me turning pages long into the night. I had a hard time setting it down. It's setting is a small University Georgia town. Jenna Scali goes into her office one morning to discover an graphic email sent to her by the murderer of one of the female students in town. The intricately woven plot soon reveals other emails and murders which require Jenna to choose between divulging information to the attractive detective on the case or revealing patient information of her psychiatrist boss. I loved this book and you will too!

e-Murderer by Joan C. Curtis won: the Gold in Global eBook Awards for 2016 and the Malice Domestic grant for new writers in 2016.

e-Murderer can by found at:

MuseltUp Publishing

Monday, March 20, 2017



I really got caught up in this book, turning the pages at a fast pace. Two girls form a great friendship in college, one, Tancy, from a poor background, and Audry, whose family was truly wealthy. Neither were close to their parents. The only thing that didn't ring true was when Audry worked as a escort. She found true love and was never exposed to clients who took advantage of her. Most aren't that lucky. Tancy finds true love with a policeman, who enables her to discover that her childhood friend and confidant, Angel, was really a ghost. It was a very interesting twist which otherwise could have been a very predictable plot. I really wanted to know who Angel was and how she was murdered. It made me want to keep reading. When Tancy becomes an escort in order to find the answers to the murder, the plot gained even more interest and momentum. Read this and you won't be disappointed.

Readers can find this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Jennifer may be found on twitter @Jenny Hinsman1

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Joyce Shaughnessy, author: REVIEW OF HOME AT LAST BY JAN SIKES!

Joyce Shaughnessy, author: REVIEW OF HOME AT LAST BY JAN SIKES!: 5.0 out of 5 star s   LOVE TRIUMPHS EVERYTHING! Home at Last is a wonderful title for this book. It tells the love story of a ma...


5.0 out of 5 star

Product Details 

Home at Last is a wonderful title for this book. It tells the love story of a man released from prison after 15 years and the love he shares with the woman who has waited for him. Through good and troubled times, they struggle together, supporting each other the entire time. The story brings together a family separated and brought together by the love they share. The fact that this is a true story makes it even better.

Friday, January 13, 2017


If you missed the interview last night, here is a link:

The author lives in West Texas with her husband, Dennis, who is a physician. They have two daughters and four granddaughters. Joyce has written and published four adult books and one children's book.

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My interview with DEAR Radio Live on 1/10/17 from 7-8 pm CST

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DEAR Texas will be starting the New Year off with a big bang!  On January 10th, we are bringing a chance for listeners of our Blog Talk Radio Show to win an author’s book from the show they listen to live, plus a chance at a $100 gift card from Amazon in a monthly drawing.

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The rules are very simple. Each day a show is live, we will have a secret keyword that people will be able to text to us as soon as they hear it on the live show. The first person who responds correctly, wins. You can only win once during a 30 day period for the book and gift card. The contest is not valid for family members or employees of the author being interviewed. The winner will be announced live at the end of the show.

Remember to tweet, post, and share the link to your show and encourage people to listen. Don’t have a show coming up but want to still help? GREAT!  You can access the shows list at: and share the links with your followers. They will be grateful for an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, which leads to loyalty for you!

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This promotion helps you increase your opportunities for book sales while increasing listenership for our show… A Win-Win for Everyone!