Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reflections in a Mirror

Look at her in the mirror.
Has she aged that much?
My heart says there is no way.

Look at the stranger
Who is that old woman there?
It is you it says back.

When did I get old?
I must have not been looking.
Where are all the years?

Look at me in the mirror.
I see myself now.
I finally found myself.

This is my first humble attempt at haiku poetry.  It must:
magpietales.blogspot.com.au/be either 5-7-5 syllables each or 7-5-7.  This is an entry for a contest based on the picture above.


  1. I like the overall thoughts expressed here, but can't help wondering whether mixing the 5-7-5 with the 7-5-7 count (which I've not seen suggested as an alternative before , only a 3-5-3) breaks the rhythm when read aloud?
    I wonder whether the first and third stanzas could be made to match - perhaps like so?

    Look at her in the mirror.
    My heart says there is no way
    she has aged that much.

    and for the last:-

    Now my reflection
    looks at me from the mirror.
    Finally I'm found.

    What do you think? Hope you don't mind my 'playing' with your words. *smiles*

    1. Oops! Got that first line wrong! Too many syllables again - maybe 'Look in her mirror'? :)