Tuesday, March 5, 2013


All three of my books are now being listed in an Indie bookstore in England.  There will also be a blogroll featured and each of my books will be showcased in the coming few months.

The link to the bookstore is:  http://theindietribe.wordpress.com/indie-shop-usa-2/

The link to the blogroll is:  http://theindietribe.wordpress.com/funny-books/

I'm excited about the link to my blog not only for myself but for the people being interviewed!  It will be seen by more people!

I'll let everyone know when the books will be showcased and how you can find them!


I will be interviewed this coming Friday on March 8th on http://morgensauthorinterview.wordpress.com


I sent The Unsurrendered in to this group to be read by the staff in order for them to determine whether or not to feature the book on their podcast.  They decided it was a controversial subject that needed to be discussed.  I will write again when I know for certain when it will be featured.  It may be as early as this Thursday.  It will be a video broadcast and can be reached by a link to their site.
I am excited about Streetwraith featuring THE UNSURRENDERED because they only feature those manuscripts they consider to be worth discussing since they are a non-profit.

I hope these new developments will keep the peak of interest on my books.  I love having a way to share them with other people!

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