Sunday, January 8, 2017

My interview with DEAR Radio Live on 1/10/17 from 7-8 pm CST

Radio Show Bonus

DEAR Texas will be starting the New Year off with a big bang!  On January 10th, we are bringing a chance for listeners of our Blog Talk Radio Show to win an author’s book from the show they listen to live, plus a chance at a $100 gift card from Amazon in a monthly drawing.

This is a great opportunity for authors to get the word out about your show, and an opportunity to gain new listeners for DEAR Texas shows, which in turn, will help raise funds from sponsors, thus giving us increased opportunities to do more for YOU!

The rules are very simple. Each day a show is live, we will have a secret keyword that people will be able to text to us as soon as they hear it on the live show. The first person who responds correctly, wins. You can only win once during a 30 day period for the book and gift card. The contest is not valid for family members or employees of the author being interviewed. The winner will be announced live at the end of the show.

Remember to tweet, post, and share the link to your show and encourage people to listen. Don’t have a show coming up but want to still help? GREAT!  You can access the shows list at: and share the links with your followers. They will be grateful for an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, which leads to loyalty for you!

For the Author, we are also offering a bonus. The Author with the most completed listens during a three month period (Jan-March, April – June, etc.,) will receive a $100 gift card of their choice. 
This promotion helps you increase your opportunities for book sales while increasing listenership for our show… A Win-Win for Everyone!

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