Friday, April 24, 2015


Product DetailsTHE SWEET SPOT by Laura Drake!

The Sweet Spot is so much more than an ordinary romance book. The reader first meets Char and Jimmy "JB" Denny after they have lost their son in a tragic accident and divorced. Char can't forgive or forget that Jimmy was with a young girl after they separated. She must learn that she must forgive herself for turning him away before she can forgive him.

There are many serious and challenging issues which are dealt with in the book - Alzheimers disease, forgiveness, death, addiction, and love. This story was both sad and happy. I learned about the typical life on a Texas bull ranch as well as in a small town, but the real story revolved around Char and Jimmy.

I loved it when Char made an unlikely friend in Bella, a New York transplant, and then paraded her before all of her gossiping friends.I also loved it as I watched Jimmy show Char how much she meant to him and ultimately, when Char accepted him back into her life.

I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter and how they were perfectly suited to them. This book is definitely not a typical romance novel, and it was better for it. Laura Drake is a truly talented writer, and I am looking forward to the sequels of this book!

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