Friday, October 18, 2013


GRIFFIN MASTER, Curse of the Boneyard Lich

A story of a Norseman and an Arab who find themselves suddenly thrust into a world full of mystical beasts, dvergars, trolls, living skeletons, and dragons.  They soon realize that only through the fulfillment of a destiny which binds them together will they find their way home together.  The two men must work together aided by a group of misfits as they fight their way through demons at every turn.

This novel is a round robin book written by five authors.  We have worked well together to blend a cohesive and exciting story.  I have learned a lot from them and have found out that I love fantasies!

Authors:  Heather M. Schuldt, Christian Feed, Lynette White, Randall Lemon and Joyce Shaughnessy

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