Wednesday, May 29, 2013


THE UNSURRENDERED by Joyce Shaughnessy
This is the last book in the trilogy, Pearl of the Orient.
Joyce Shaughnessy’s story focuses on the Japanese invasion of the Phillipine Islands during the Second World War and reflects the amazing amount of accurate research that Joyce must have committed to. And yet committed is the wrong word to use as she very much regards it as a labour of love.
The research proved to be time well spent as this is an amazing piece of military history, where events are real and the characters are brought to life. Both the pain and the love are tangible as the main characters Carla,a Filipino and Jacob , an American weave there way through this remarkable story.
After the surrender to the Japanese they join forces with other Filipino-American guerrillas to wage a continued war against the occupying Japanese.
The author successfully blends a fictional love story into the quite horrific realities of this period of World War 2. Fact and fiction merge beautifully and make this a must read for followers of military history and romance.
Readers are treated to a whole spectrum of emotions and there will be times when you need a handkerchief to wipe your tears and times when you need it to hide behind.

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