Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm so exited to announce that The Unsurrendered is finally for sale at and  I'm in possession of my first two copies, but that is all for now.  

Jeanne Jones, who is the owner/creator of Techknow Jones and helps me with my computer woes (many) as well as the person who created this blog, has put links to the books on the sides of the pages and with the book descriptions.  Should you ever need a computer expert, think of Jeanne!  She's a great professional as well as a good friend.  Her number is: 432-599-1420.  She won't disappoint you!

I'm hoping to get my copies of the book so I can have a book party to present it to our friends.

I have a new interview on the site of Kathy Golden.  She really is special because she is also a singer and a songwriter. Please catch the interview.

The new site is also out:

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  1. Hi joyce i hope you can have an ebook copy of this soon at amazon